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Simply Manual

This has been a LONG time in the works.  A couple of years ago, I wrote a workbook outlining the basics of using your camera’s manual mode.  What I had in mind was doing a workshop at some point, and even just being able to have something to hand to all of my friends and […]

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My View on Lenses

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some questions about my camera lens recommendations, so I thought I’d put my opinions out there for all of you!  Before I do that, let me give you a 2 second lesson on the naming of lenses, because I remember when I wanted to buy my first lens […]

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What to Do? Part 1

How many of you are like me – lots and lots of photos, piled up since before we even started having children, never mind since then, but not very many ideas of how to use them?  They sit there on the computer, and on the computer’s backup, just taking up space, but not being enjoyed. […]

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A Doll Named Lydia

This little doll was so sweet and very expressive!  And it was a treat to watch new parents, Kevin and Emily, as they loved on Lydia – thanks for inviting me to share this morning with you! Also, I have many friends who are across Canada and the US who have just had babies and […]

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Kids in the Kitchen

There’s a trap that some of us photographers who start a business fall into – and that is neglecting to document our own kids’ lives.  I still try and do photo sessions with my kids every so often, but capturing their everyday moments doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should.  So, I asked my […]

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