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Monthly Archives: July 2012

A Thursday Afternoon

It’s not very often that I get out my camera these days to just do a shoot with my own kids.  Besides, it was Thursday afternoon and we had a couple hours until my husband was getting home, so off we went to explore downtown Palo Alto for some new photo spots!  Sometime during the […]

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Playing with Texture

My newest “thing”, as of yesterday, is the concept of layering textures on photos to create a different look, or enhance a look that I’m already striving for.   I just tried one from, and am really happy with the effect it produced with a photo I already loved to begin with.  This was one […]

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Afternoon in the Field

My husband humored me a little while ago, so I could do a mini-shoot of him and the kids in a field nearby.  The setting sun was gorgeous, and duck duck goose proved a great activity for some action shots!

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The Yellow Pillow

One thing I love in photography, the same way I love it in fashion and in home decor, is a splash of color.  And not just any color, mind you, but something bright.  Picture red (the orangey red is my current favorite), turquoise, or today’s highlight:  mustard yellow.  The added bonus of adding a pop […]

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The Hyatt Family

The Hyatt family were some of my first clients, back in the spring of 2010, when I did Will’s 6 month photos.   I have so enjoyed getting to know them over the past couple of years and watch their family grow!  A couple of weeks ago, we did Grayson’s 6 month photos – what […]

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