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68 of 365

In case you are wondering how my Project 365 is going, I will give you an update.  As with most New Year’s resolutions, I started off strong and then lost steam.  However, while I have missed a few days between Jan.1 and now, there are many things that I have captured photos of that I […]

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12 of 365

I have managed to take a photo each day, although to be honest, a couple of days it has been 10:30pm and I get out the camera and take a shot of my kids sleeping, or something else random.  However, these are some of the standouts from this 365 project so far. One thing I […]

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1 of 365

Over this last year, I have read in a few places about something called a “365 Project.”  Having never heard of it before, I wanted to read more about it… and when I did, decided that it was not something for me!  Essentially, it involves taking a photo and editing it every day of the […]

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