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Celebrating 10 Years

This weekend I had the honour of spending some time with these two lovebirds at the beach in Pacific Grove as part of their 10 year anniversary weekend getaway to Carmel.  Dan and Jessie’s respect for each other and delight in each other’s company shon throughout my time with them.  May you two continue to cherish each other and laugh together for many many more years to come!


Shoreline Park

I could say a lot about these wonderful people, their open and honest hearts, their sense of style, a shared love of books and tea and people.. but I’m going to let these photos tell you a little about them, their family dynamics, love for each other, and overall cuteness.





Toro Backyard

Sometimes it is just harder to narrow down the number of photos that I give a client.  This was one of those times.  Our incredibly majestic backyard created the perfect background for our time together, and I pretty much love every single photo.  It may look like I’m sharing a gazillion photos with you all, but the fact is that this is the best I could do to give a “brief” summary of our session.  You may only be able to share a photo or two on a Christmas card but a blog allows a few more than that…  And when you look at these, you will see what I’m talking about – this gorgeous family inside and out!




marilyn wendland - February 9, 2017 - 9:56 pm

What an incredible photo shoot. Every photo fantastic. Loved the setting, the lighting, the way you capture the love and beauty of this family. Loved Jean Marie’s dress, hair and makeup by the way:)

Point Lobos + Family = Gorgeous

Since moving to the Monterey, CA area a few months ago, I have been wanting to do a photo session at Point Lobos, a breathtaking state park.  I had my chance recently with this incredible family.  One might think that the rain would put a damper (pun fully intended) on our plans, but they were game to carry on, and of course I’m from Vancouver, so felt right at home!  Great people, young kids, full personalities, drizzly rain, yummy snacks, and Skylander rewards made for an unforgettable and truly beautiful time.  Special Note: If you happen to be drooling over Katie’s adorable and chic outfit, she is wearing a LuLaRoe Jill skirt and classic t-shirt, along with a Noonday Collection necklace.  To check out LulaRoe stuff, go to


6 Month Anniversary

One Tuesday morning this summer, I sat down at women’s bible study, and happened to be at the same table as this sweet, young military wife, Honna.  We got to chatting and discovered we have a common interest in photography.  She shared how she was a newlywed (just married in March), and they had chosen to do a court wedding rather than the whole big fuss of a large-include-everyone wedding.  Of course, my first thought was that they needed some photos to celebrate their union (that’s just the way my brain works)… so I was pretty happy when I received a message from her a while later saying that they wanted to do some 6 month anniversary photos!  Oliver and Honna have this fresh, pure love for each other that was a joy to capture – thanks for giving me that honour!












Marilyn Wendland - September 13, 2016 - 3:32 am

You have captured the obvious adoration and love of this couple. Once again, the light is amazing–soft and caressing.